Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Numb thumbs

I was starting to get a hang of hovering the extra when the unfortunate happened today. Learnt another lesson, never try to do new stuns when at low attitude and when the TX battery is low , do not fly. LOL. Basic stuff yet it happened. Dam dumb me. It happened so fast i cant remember what i was doing, i only remember plane was flying low, was trying to do a hard loop, pulled the elevator full then the TX low batt alarm sounded, and my thumbs went numb, the plane went into a spin. I think i was in two minds when the alarm sounded i cut the throttle immdiately and held on to the elevator causing the plane to stall and spin.The plane crashed head on, i could heard the sound of the balsa motor mount breaking , a nice piakaaaaa sound. That was it packed up and went home, feeling sian, knowing it was going to be another tedious repair as i learnt from the previous experience.

On examination, the electronics are fine, even the prop was ok. only the cowling and motor mount damaged. I slowly removed the damaged pieces and cut out a new firewall using 3mm ply with the dimensions i measured from previous repair. Made a L piece ply to hold the firewall in place to the plane. Then added pieces of lite ply as reinforements. Used elmers utimate glue for the gap filling effect. Very time consuming to repair balsa, got to measure, cut, sand, glue, clean up all the dust. Makes me think that the mulitplex acromaster maybe be better over the extremeflight yak54 as the next plane. Spent 3hrs just to repair the motor mount. Still got the cowling..... that one leave it to tomorrow. haiz. numb thumbs.....

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RandomTask said...

Aww man, very sorry to hear about the crash. The trouble that I see that you have to go thru makes me think again about getting myself a Katana Mini after I'm through with my current fleet. Yeah "unbreakable" foam is the way to go when starting to do low altitude silly stuff, makes you feel invincible until you need to take out the CA glue. :)