Saturday, October 21, 2006

Funfly 21 Oct Br

Some pics of todays funfly. Couldnt take more as run out of camera battery.

Piccolo Z craze hits. We have one today as well. Its really small as seen compared with the trex600. I tried flying, couldnt fly it really well as it was quite windy. Its controlled by infra red so got to keep pointing it at the heli. The controls were only throttle up/down and rudder left/right. Heard that even alan szabo is flying it. Wahaha what a craze. Well it can do pyros.

I was amazed at this flyer who came to fly with his OK model medallion. His on/off switch was just the two main battery to ESC wire twisted together! lol. First time i see something like that, talk about saving cost. The more u twist the higher amps it can take?

Last few pics are some of the wannabe bomber. lol. The trex 600 batteries are so huge. Wonder if will get stopped if we walk into the mrt with these.

Got some new toys today as well, more of that laterz.

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