The 1st FAI F3F World Championships starts in 2 days in Rugen , Germany. 19 countries , 58 pilots.

For the first time there will be live-streaming HD-quality video of the Aeromodelling World Championship. The video will be transmitted live via satellite from the competition site and then be broadcast to up to 20,000 viewers online. The F3F class is almost predestined for this new medium, due to the fact that the competition flights occur in a very limited airspace. The images will be captured by three cameras set up on the slope, then composited in broadcasting vehicle with ongoing information before being broadcast over the internet. Naturally, the opening ceremony and awards ceremonies will be broadcast as well.

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Its a pity, we couldnt form a team to go this time, we aim for the next one! meanwhile I will be rooting for the Taiwan and HK team in front of the comp, hope they do Asia proud. Team Austria and Germany are strong favourites, but it can be anyone's game as they are all top class pilots.

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