Thursday, October 26, 2006

I can see the blue sky, i can smell the rain.

After 3 weeks of hazy conditions, the skies are finally clear again and it started raining, along comes the cool fresh air. This means the monsoon season is here and the slope season is just a few weeks away! We can only fly at the BR slope during the northeast monsoon season when the winds blow from north east and hit directly at the BR slope. This only last 2-3months thats why its always so cherished. Its time once again to monitor the winds so that when the winds blows in the right direction we can be there, at the slope flying. The winds conditon can be monitored at the Met station website here or at the windguru website here which is fair acurate. Bookmark the links so you can reference to them easily.
I decided to re-tape my weasel as some parts of the coverings were damaged from last season. Tore out all the tapes , even the elevons, slowly retape them back and changed the fin.Its always nice to start fresh. lol. Almost finished, left with the wings covering.

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