Sunday, October 15, 2006

Extra repairs complete

The repairs to the extra turned out pretty well. The motor mount was reinforced with a few pieces of ply and the utimate glue expanded and filled up the gaps nicely. It feels strong when i hold up the plane by the firewall and gives it a few twists here and there.Put a few drops of CA to the mounting holes before retapping them to make the screw threads last longer. I do this to all my wooden screw holes' threads.

The damage cowling was repaired with a layer of fiberglass cloth and epoxy. Sand it down and sprayed painted. Amazingly the motor fits together with the cowling better after the repair. Oh well as they always say planes flies better after repair. Back in the air for hovering training soon.


RandomTask said...

You must be one of the most patient people i know. The patch job on the coowling loks great. I think at normal viewing distance (of around 1.5m) and in the skies it would look great and as good as new. Now its time to go even lower with the hovers and maybe an inverted tail touch ;)

this gives me hope that balsa planes are still repairable, just more time consuming and patience-sapping.

mazon said...

thanks, cant really see the patching from far unless got eagle eyes. yap balsa plane just need a little more TLC.

Done with the flight test today. not much trimmings needed , just a one or two up clicks of elevator and left clicks of ailerons got it flying straight. but the dam haze is so bad today.haiz.