Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flying Through walls

Today i came across an interesting article here. In is it says that some helicopter pilots that don't use simulators progress faster than those with simulators and buying a 2nd hand heli may help you progress faster. This doesn't make much sense but it happens all the time, why? Here's the gists of it, it boils down to believe and fear. They can do it because they want and believe they can do it, and they are not afraid to do it. Many people are limited by their own walls, and walls are what they are..fear, money, pride,or just plain ego. Many a times we are held back by our own fears. Fear of crashing, fear of losing face. Just like when i was trying to do FF.

Each of us can fly as good as anyone else and we are only limited by our own fears. To progress to the next level, you need to believe you can do it and fly through your walls. Don't be afraid to try. Once done, your flying takes on a new confidence and you will feel that you have opened up a whole new world!I guess this applies to other aspects in life as well...

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CKS said...

sure, totally agree
i started with a 3rd hand heli .. and look me!! lol .. even my new 1st hand heli looks 3rd hand now.