Thursday, November 21, 2013


Settings I have now. Cg112 for zero to light wind. Move forward when windy. Neutral setting of elevator - front of elevator to top of tail boom abt 4.9cm.

Ailerons +20mm / -9. ailerons to flap 50%.

Elevator +-15

Rudder as much as you can.

Launch n Speed - Flaps +2mm ailerons flush.

Cruise - 0. I.e Bottom of flaps straight. Ailerons flush

Thermal 1 - Flaps -2mm ailerons flush.

Thermal 2 - Flaps -4mm ailerons flush.

Butterfly - flaps down ard 75-80degrees. Ailerons up 10-15degrees. Elevator down in my tx is ard -41%.