Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fly well, fly safe, cheers and many happy landings

As the year come to a close, news of two major flying fields had been closed down due to various reasons did indeed leave a sour end note to many. However i m sure the passion in RC will see this precarious hobby through. I urged all modelers to be responsible in their flying and conduct.

It has been a great year of RC flying. Besides the new planes and helis, most important to me was the bonding and friendship that had built up with fellow modelers. Without them, this hobby won't be as much fun and enriching. Thanks guys, i hope we have more good flying years to come.

Fly well, fly safe. Cheers and many happy landings.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Combat ready!

Flying wings are versatile, fun, great for combat and commonly seen at slopes, one of the most popular one is the Windrider bee. Ming of Windrider has recently came up with a new version , BeEvolution. I bought one during my trip to hk.

It was suppose to replace his old version Bee, however the old bee was so popular that i think he continued production. The new Beevo has a thinner profile n less sweep ,is said to fly faster than the old bee which can float n recover better during combat , so both has its merits.

This is going to replace my weasel as the to-go sloper.

The kit came very complete, with 2 wing cores made of modded epp, balsa elevons, CF ribbons, various tapes , hardware and even a bottle of CA. However the CA is foam safe type and takes longer to cure so I used normal CA which i had around. The EPP foam is CA ok. Build was fairly easy and can be completed in a few nights. Just need to glue the CF ribbons in with CA, glue the wings together, install the electronics and tape them all up. Done.


Whats in the kit

Glue in the CF ribbons, glue both wings together, tape the center.

4xAA Eneloop going to power this bumble bee

Taping pattern for reinforcement

Install electronics, i used the new Hitec HS5485 digital karbonite gear servo as they were on sale at good price. Any standard servos will do though.

Tape it all up

Choose your favorite colour packing tape. Can be obtained from Art friend or SKP. Use a credit card to help remove air bubbles during taping.

I changed the stock horns to better quality ones, less slop.

Bottom view

Ready for combat!

Lastly Goop the leading edge with thinned goop to protect the tape from tearing during combats and those bad landings.


Managed to fly this in fairly light conditions a few days ago. It needs to be on the move, can't fly it too slow or it will be tipsy. Once it gets into speed, the handling is quite good. My CG is around 8inch from nose, (RCG recommend 8.5inch). Reduce throws on elevator and keep it smooth and it will fly OK. Haven really tried out combat yet, so cant comment on the recoverability, speed wise it felt slightly faster than the old bee.

Time for combat!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gentlemen, start your engine

Wind is on the way as can be seen from the charts today. (How do you interpret this? If you see straight north east lines passing through and no dark patches around the region means weather is most likely be good, no disturbance from anywhere and winds will blow away most clouds However, dark patches around the region means it will bring in the rain. If you see circles nearby means bad day, where most likely be thunderstorms and rain. This is where the two air fronts meet.)

Once the current weather system (those circles cirlces) passes by, slope season should be here.

Time to start monitoring the weather again.

Here's the links

I better start cycling those rx packs soon.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

RC great deals

I frequently come across great deals on the web and other places, so started another blog to consolidate those findings.

With the financial crisis hitting us, i hope with those good deals ,we can still enjoy the hobby and be easier on our pockets.

Feel free to share your finds too.

Blog is at

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hong Kong RC trip - Buy Buy Buy

Hong Kong is truly a shopping paradise and the great thing is you can get everything in the one area. You only need to go to one place and thats Mong Kok, there are sports goods, electronic goods, fashion and even RC stuff all within a few blocks. Since so many variety of goods congregate at one area, the bad part is of course the huge amount of people traffic there. Every where are people and more people.

There are many RC shops in hongkong, the ones i visited mainly focus on heli and aircraft stuff. Tons of others that deals with cars and boats as well. The prices for most branded stuff are generally cheaper and most shop staffs are friendly to answer any questions. Lets get started.

Most of the shop's details were obtained from one of my flying friend's blog over here and searching various online forums. Can goto for street directory of hongkong to search for address. I merged them together into one map for simplicity. Shops are highlighted in blue below.

First stop take the MTR to Yau Ma Te station. Here they are

1) Flying – Hobby (
Room 5, 5/F ,Cheung Hing Building,
46 Pitt Street,Yau Ma Tei, KLN ,HK (MTR Yau Ma Tei A2 Exit)

Its the building near to the A2 exit. Sells mostly online, not much of a shop front. Online prices are standard prices , not that cheap.

2)Waigo hobby (
1/F., No.7-8 Tung Fong Street
Yaumatei, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Mon - Sat: 10:30 - 20:00
Closed on Sunday

Stock : Heli, planes, electronics, blades, cars.
Good buys: Blades, Futaba servos.

Then, take a short walk along Nathan road over to Mongkong area where the big circle is.This is where there are a lot of Hobby shops that are not just RC. There are also static models, Guns, Cars.

One of the many shops selling model guns. They looked exactly like the real thing.

3) Modern Model Company. Its in a alley with lots of hobby shops before kwong wa street. This shop is like a all in one, RC, models, guns , everything.

Good buys : Servos, Align stuff, Spectrum. I think i saw a 2.4 DSX9 set is only going for 4000ish HK dollars. Cheap.

Some of the helis on display
Walk through the alley make a right turn , you will find Kwong Wa street. Again many many shops.

4) Good-Tech
Carries heli, aircraft stuff. Supposed to be Spartan dealer but no stock when i was there. Nothing particularly cheap here.

5) Skytech RC
12 Kwong Wa Street

Carries : Good range of hyperion planes, Align stuff, Scorpion motors.
Good buys: Hyperion planes on sale.

After that there is one more shop that is worth a visit, its located along the main shopping area in Mongkok.

6)Top Tech Trading Co. (
Rm 1407, Good Hope Building
No.5 Sai Yeung Choi Street South,
Mongkok, Kowloon

Carries a big range of heli products and electronics.
Good buys : Electronics , Align.

7) Jethobby
Shop F, G/F, 13 Liberty Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
One more thats nearby but there is not much air stuff, mostly cars, boats.

These shops carries most of the branded RC stuff at competitive prices, a little asking around before buying can save a few dollars here and there. If there is still time in hongkong, can take a 30 mins train ride from mongkok to visit RadarRC ( Huge range but prices there are not cheap. Good for the world model planes, hirobo, windrider products.


- Bring lots of cash.
- Try not to go in july, its dam hot.
- Buy Buy Buy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Goodies

Came back from a short holiday in Hong Kong with boxes of RC goodies. Ho Ho Ho. Detailed trip report including shops visited, route taken, recommendations in next post. Now here's the stuff.

3 boxes. All marked Fragile and checked-in. Boxes came out slightly crumpled but all in all was ok. Thumbs up for HK n SG airport.

Trex600 Nitro Super Pro. Yes its the 2nd trex i bought, sold the first one that i got in TW few months ago. The price of this one is simply irresistible, i had to get it. lol.

Some spares.

Servos aplenty. Got one of the newest Futaba brushless servos intended for heli application - BLS 253. Very similar to BLS451, Full specs here

More A123s

Hyperion Yak 55sp-25e. Was on sale this one. I think it still is at aircraft-world. Hmm, yellow black seems to be the in colours.

The new bee from windrider - BeEvolution. All ready for next slope season.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May day fun fly

Its been awhile, weather was good this morning. Great to have the usual kakis at the flying field, haven have them all together for awhile. New toys for some, edf F5 tiger and 90 size Stratus.

Although foam, the F5 tiger's quality feels good and comes nicely painted. Together with 3 retracts. it uses 8 servos total. Although the madien didnt turn out quite as planned, the stock power system felt quite good. I m sure it will be back for some sorties around the field after repairs.

Cleared for takeoff.

Sleek lines
CKS with his new toy, Stratus.

90 size has a larger presence in the air, looks more stable than his R50.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The slope season is almost over, past few weeks have been pouring rain, with the occasional sunny days in between which we managed to get some good lift. I was able to complete the Guppy and had some air time with it.

It is a smaller version of le fish at 48 inch, the build is almost similar to le fish except the placement of the servos are on the outside. This made the build slightly easier and allow the servos to be serviceable if need be.

At our slope, le fish only managed to keep up on good lift days, so i wanted to keep the guppy as light as possible - only used single filament tape at places when its really needed, placed the electronics as far forward as i can and keep the weight at the tail down.

Sand it round as usual

Dry fitting to measure the amount of weight needed for correct C.G which was set at 2.25 inch from LE. HS65 for ailerons.

Only the CF rod reinforcements, battery and weight goes inside the fuselage this time. 4xAAA eneloop rx pack.

Everything else goes on the outside. HS56 for elevator, HS65 for rudder, Berg 4 rx.

The vertical fin was glued to the horizontal stab this time round and glassed at the joints.

Cover it all up with the left over oracover from le fish and cut a slit for the wing extension on both sides.

All done top and bottom

Head to head with le fish

The build was straight forward after having experience with le fish. It turned out ok and not much trim was needed on madien. With a lighter wind loading, it could stay up in lighter lift conditions and climbed higher than le fish could. That said, it still need quite some lift to fly though and fun only starts when the lift picks up.

It felt much more agile and nimble than le fish, i needed to turn down the rates to keep it from being too twitchy. Due to the lighter weight, it doesn't has as much energy retention. The tail as similar to le fish is the weak area, after a few tumbles the epp at the tail area tore open. A few drops of light CA and back to flying again. All in all a fun plane to wack around with.

With the wind dying down, i will have to wait til the next season to fly her again. It has been a fun 3 months sloping with the guys during which we flew, chatted, ate, complaint abt the wind together and in the process knew each other abit better. It was great, see you guys next season!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Online hobby shops

I had received a couple of emails and PMs before asking where and how to purchase certain stuff. A lot of times, certain items are not available at LHS or they are simply cheaper to get overseas, the Internet is a great source to search for stuff. For easier reference, I thought might as well list down the shops that i have purchased online from before, the good buys, and the shopping experience.

In no particular order of merit,

products :hyperion stuff. connectors, berg rx
method : web shop direct
payment : paypal
shipping : very fast ( 3 days from JP to SG via ems) , cheap (2.50usd normal shipping)

prdts :Thundertiger, Futaba, JR. Click on shopping link at the top of website to browse
method :email the items to
payment : Credit card
shipping :very fast (3 days from TW to SG via ems)

products :Futaba, JR, hirobo, japanese brands , pricelist on the left side at
method :email
payment :paypal
shipping :very fast (3 days from JP to SG via ems)

shop :
prdts :Castle-creations, Hyperion chargers
method : web shop
payment : Credit card
shipping : Slow (2wks from US to SG), but cheap, sometimes free shipping.
others : Have a habit of mixing up orders and delays. Have 5% discount sales ard US holidays. Often have sale of CC ESCS

shop :
prdts : Sailplanes, gliders
method : email
payment : bank telegraphic transfer
shipping : Slow (2wks from DE to SG)
others : Gliders galore

shop :
prdts : sailplanes,scale gliders, spares
method : direct webshop
payment : Credit card
shipping : Slow (2wks from Canada to SG)
others : Gliders galore

shop :
prdts : Kasama heli prdts
method : direct webshop/ email
payment : Credit card
shipping : fast (3days from Thailand to SG)

shop :
prdts : EPP gliders, Le fish, guppy
method : direct webshop
payment : Credit card
shipping : fast ( 1 wk from US to SG via EMS), but expensive

shop :
prdts : EPP gliders Weasel pro, alula
method : direct webshop
payment : Credit card
shipping : slow ( 2 wk from US to SG)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How many gliders can you count?

Sunday at the slope.

From another view.

Let's count :

Unknown balsa, alula, blade, crazy banana, serenity, mini salto, 2m spyder, 36" raptor, jazz extreme, cularis, 4m china ASW, baudis salto, le fish, CMpro discus, left over of Ehawk 1400, weasel, mini fox, ASK 21, sierra, ASW 27, mystery 2.6m.

Thats 20.5. There's still at least another 5 at the other pavilion and another 5 or 6 in the air. More than 30 of them woo hoo what a huge turnout. Weather was great, sunny and cloudless, thermals aplenty and good periods of lift came on and off. Beside the few not-too-serious mid airs, everyone had fun.

Some pics taken by this cheeky little girl

"You move there, you you move there, ok dont move ah"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY slope pics

Some pics from weekend's slope. Its the CNY holidays and the winds normally reach peak during this period. Well, the wind is definitely blowing but the direction is slightly off. The lift came on and off but nevertheless it was the company that made it fun! Hope there are more good weekends ahead.

Had to put down both back seats to transport the planes to slope

All want to molest the new toy for the day. Ammo's Zoom!

With a 3.2m wingspan and a fuselage almost as tall as WY

Setting up Zoom

Ready for launch. It flew beautifully with good energy retention. Luv the sound it makes as it cuts the air.

Pilots having fun.

Getting ready for launch

Art hobby Sierra with Windrider bee.

Le fish ready to jump into the waters.

Fox and bat

Dg1000 coming in for landing