Thursday, June 04, 2009

Predator 2 DLG - Build and fly review

Just came back from test flying the Predator 2 DLG. This kit is available from Soaring Composites.


Not so many build pics as I built it stock following the build thread here. Build process was not too hard as the instructions in the build thread was clear. I used HS45hb x4 , 4.8v 300mah rx pack and berg 7 rx. The space in the fuselage was small and it was a tight squeeze to get all the wiring in. I ended up slightly nose heavy and had to add 5 gram lead at the tail to get the CG to 72mm from LE. The boom was cut at 68mm so those using heavy electronics may want to leave a longer boom. AUW was 285g.Flying

I did a few javelin throws to get it trimmed. After adding in few clicks of up elevator, it was gliding like forever. As this was my first DLG, and have not tried DLing before, i had some hesitation discus launching it. Kept doing some more javelin throws till pick up enough guts to just do it. Started with small on the spot discus throws. Slowly got the hang of it and progressed to full discus launches. Was surprised i managed to get quite high launches towards the end as this was my first time doing DLs. Woo hoo it was getting addictive to launch the glider up high. When my TX batt dropped low, i told myself it will be the last launch, but every time i picked up the peg, i just wanted to go at it again!.

Didn't managed to get any good thermals as it was fairly windy and cloudy. The P2 penetrated the wind well and was responsive to any slight draft of wind. It was quite agile in turning and stall characteristics was predictable. It was great first session getting to know the plane, even managed some hand catches towards the end. The only spoiler was that the wing hit a stone on one of the landing. I think it was like the only stone on the field.... duh, some luck.
Overall, its a good value first DLG kit, not to difficult to build, good flying characteristics.

Charging my batts now, looking forward to the next session later...