Saturday, September 30, 2006

Axi 2212/20 for mini extra

I was abit hesitant now to get another hacker motor to replace the failed one. Kp got a spare AXI 2212/20 laying around so i bought it from him and put it in my extra. The axi 2212/20 specs has a higher kv of 1150kv and lower amps limit of 16amps compared to the hacker A20-20L's 1022kv , 19amps limit. From what i read, Axi motors are often conservatively rated, meaning they can be pushed to higher amps limit without much problems.The build quality of AXIs seems to be abit better then hackers, made in czech compare to made in china.So far the performance of my current axi 2212/26 that i have in my formosa has been good. Also the mounting holes of the axi and hacker are similar so it fitted in the extra motor mount, Axi it is.

Hacker A20-20L with 1022kv is already drawing close to 20amps, the Axi has a higher KV making me to choose a APC 10x5E prop over the 10x4.7SF as the E prop consumes lesser amps. Tested today, the axi measured 17amps max static on the 10x5E. Just nice as the amps will be lower inflight. The performance in flight seems to be similar to the hacker, hovering point was around 3/4 throttle stick as well. Will do more flight test later.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hacker no warranty?

Last night tried to solder back the broken joint inside the hacker motor. Managed to arm the esc but when throttle applied, motor stutters. Cant work. So today i bought the motor down to jethobby where i bought it 2 months ago, and told moh about the problem. He dissembled the motor soldered the joint back and tested. Same results , cant work. So he told me could not repair and give me the "sorry i cant help you, please take it back" look. Then i pointed out to him in the manual that hacker provided, it says that there is a 24month warranty period. He went "oh , is it?" I was like wtf, he sells the motors and don't even know!!?!.

So I have my doubts when he said he will try to email them and see if can send back for repairs. Then i ask him if cannot how? He said cannot repair means cannot repair. WTF. No support for the things he sells? Like this how to support LHS? The products they carry are often more expensive then ordering overseas.The higher price will be justifiable if there is good service and after sales support. But now it seems there is little or none. If one can afford to wait, then its better to save some money and order overseas.

Anyone out there knows where i can send the hacker motor for repairs? please drop me a note. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hacker A20 down

Today was flying my extra, halfway motor cut! kao. nearly lost it again. managed to glide down to saftey. Found out that the one of the 3 motor wires broke at the soldering joint inside the motor. Dam sian. Just when i thought everything is ok , can fly in peace, seems like something will always cock up some where when u least expect it.

Only consolation was a good flight i had on my heli, managed some better controlled FF and came back in one piece with hands shaking.... The fear of crashing had cause me to hesitate in doing FF, most of the past few times, i didnt dare to fly high and turn. Today i just wack, keep reminding myself that i have the tx in my hand, i have control of the heli so no need to fear. Remember guys, you have total control.

The thing about heli turning seems to be similar to plane, at least this was what i did n it flew smoother. To start the turn, i input rudder and aileron to bank. As the heli turn, i continue to hold rudder, while the aileron slowly move to neutral n to the opposite direction of turn so that the heli dont over bank. At the same time, pull back on the elevator. Can any experts share if this is the right way? For plane turning same thing, bank with rudder, ailerons. Then input opposite ailerons to hold the banking angle to turn smoothly and prevent adverse yaw. Most of the time when i fly plane im lazy, i only use ailerons to turn, now i have to learn to use lots of rudder.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

F-18 madien ................. gone bad

We got all excited and psych up for KP's F18 madien."Do it". After a few range checks, it was good to go. First toss, i didnt throw it hard enough it went into a torque roll, inverted then headed towards the ground. Nothing much damaged except the nose was bashed in. Pulled out the nose, decided to go for a 2nd throw.

That was it, the fateful flght. I ran for a few steps n gave it a hard toss, off it went. It picked up speed and was starting to fly well. The sound of the edf was great, almost like the real thing. Kp managed a few more turns on the F18 before suddenly losing orientation. With the sun behind us, the plane looked dark from all angles, cant tell which way its going. Before we know , it smashed into the ground.

Pics will show the canage. Feel really bad, and wasted to see the plane gone like that. But i m sure it was an experience for Kp for that few mins of flight, as we pick up the pieces, he already have plans for the next edf project. I m sure he will be back.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Funfly 23 Sept 06

This morning we had our usual funfly at bedok reservoir flying field. Highlight of the day was definitely the edf F18. KP's newly acquired F18 looks stunning on the ground, waiting for her madien flight. Cant do it today as he wants to remove the steering gear for her first flight and no tools to do. Pending tmr.

Also have a delta flying wing with wheels for ROG!! Kormet ME 163 fitted with LG took off nicely from the ground after a few attempts.And Kelvin's Funjet did a successful madien as well, drawing 37amps on multiplex 480-4D BL with Graupner 5.5x4.2 prop. I was trying do hover my extra, boy it was hard. Refitted my trex with a pair of blades n got them tracking. Tached headspeed at 2400 with throttle at 80%. The rest of the guys enjoyed the funfly as well as the weather was not so hot today. Great to see them after 2 weeks break...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Align speed glider

Feeling the need for speed, i got the align speed glider. Its a cheap way to start into pylon racing. Quite well build and hardy for that price. Luvs the swoossssshhhhh sound as it races by. Powered by mega 4 T , APC 5.5x4.5, CC25.

Flying Kakis

I made alot of friends thru this hobby. What is flying without them, great people great fun. Sometimes we do more talking then flying!!
Here are some pics.

Filton Mini Extra 330

Latest plane in my hanger. The filton mini extra 330 is my first balsa plane. Its light good for 3D but quite fragile. The landing gear is very weak, have to repair it a few times. Now its reinforced with carbon strips wrapped in FG cloth. seems to be holding up well now. Powered by Hacker A20-20L, APC 10x4.7SF , HS56s on ailerons, HS65s on rudder, elevator.

My slopers

My entry into RC has been inspired by slope flying. No motor, just the plane, the wind and you.

Art hobby Elster, my very first plane i bought and built. With zero flying experience, i crashed it on my first few tries. Had to repair and slope season was ending so waited almost a year later before i could fly it again.

Flies very well now.

Weasel pro. Fun light sloper for the in your face kind of flying. Can fly in very light lifts when the winds are weak.

Align Trex

My foray into helis has been fun. Trex CDE version powered by mega 3Turn, cc35, gy401, hs65s and hs81 on tail.

Managed some nice slow forward flights yesterday before losing orientation when the heli was went too far out. Time to get new blades and canopy. Dam i need a bigger heli!

GWS Formosa

GWS formosa, must be one of my longest serving planes yet. Fully glassed and reinforced with CF spar. Powered by Axi 2212/26 on APC 9x6E. Good pattern plane that can do most of the acrobatics well.

My past planes

Started on RC planes : Feb 2005
Started on RC Heli : June 2006

First off, here are the planes i used to own.

Multiplex Easystar, my first electric plane that i used to learn how to fly. First time i flew it myself i crashed in into a tree!!! Great trainer, slow n relaxing flights.

Next i got the multiplex easyglider, loves the looks and the ailerons. again was easy to set up and flies smooth. Flies very well at the slope too. Touch and Gos were fun.

Made a mugi flying wing from coroplast. Flies very fast.

Got into the warbird craze, GWS corsair, luvs the curve wings.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006



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