Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JR 9xII stick calibration, service menu

My JR 9xII has been serving me well and is almost 6 years old. I found that the elevator channel now has a little offset at neutral so i needed a way to recalibrate the sticks. A search online found that 9xII has a service menu that allows stick calibration.


1. Pull & Hold the spring loaded trainer switch into the forward position.
2. Pull AILE D/R switch up.
3. Power the set on while keeping ENT button on front panel pressed.
4. Rotate roller activator until Trim Step is highlighted.
5. Press roller activator on Trim Step, rotate to AILE.
6. Switch AILE D/R down, press roller activator, switch AILE D/R up, press roller activator.
7. Repeat Step 6 four more times and on the 5th (total) time access should be granted to the Service Menu.

Once in service menu, goto Stick Nut , center all sticks and sliders then click [STO]. Voila, no more elevator offset.

Some other functions of service menu can refer to here.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kulmbach F3B

Kulmbach is one of the stop of the FAI-World Cup F3B 2012, a series of competitions where top pilots slug it out to be the top F3B pilot. (What is F3B?)

Over close to 100 competitiors came from all over europe to compete. It was great seeing my friends as well as other top pilots in action. I saw how dedicated these people were, driving hundreds of kilometers carrying so much logistics from all over , camping over 3 days, imagine no shower in summer weather for 3 days. Eat, sleep, fly F3B requires lots of passion , my salute to you guys.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Czech Heaven

A visit to Czech Heaven , one of the best airfields in Czech Republic.

Located about 30mins from Brno, Czech Heaven is a RC modelling club with superb views and excellent facilities. Large hangers for aircrafts, cabins where members can rent to stay,eat, sleep and fly, club house with cooking facilities and even a swimming pool, it is indeed a heaven for RC modellers.