Monday, December 16, 2013

Energic Speedpulse

Started build on the Energic from speedpulse. It came late and missed last slope season , so getting it ready for this season. Its able to float in light wind and go fast when pushed. Its available in both glider and electric version. Kit quality by Jan Stonavsky is superb, fit and finish is one of the best out there.

Some build pics. 

Kit comes complete with all hardware
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textreme spread tow
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nice touch on the canopy
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drill a hole and epoxy the brass control horn
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Aileron horn n Clevis
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Clevis on Servo horn Flap side
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Epoxy in the servos tray
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Weight and wait
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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Settings I have now. Cg112 for zero to light wind. Move forward when windy. Neutral setting of elevator - front of elevator to top of tail boom abt 4.9cm.

Ailerons +20mm / -9. ailerons to flap 50%.

Elevator +-15

Rudder as much as you can.

Launch n Speed - Flaps +2mm ailerons flush.

Cruise - 0. I.e Bottom of flaps straight. Ailerons flush

Thermal 1 - Flaps -2mm ailerons flush.

Thermal 2 - Flaps -4mm ailerons flush.

Butterfly - flaps down ard 75-80degrees. Ailerons up 10-15degrees. Elevator down in my tx is ard -41%.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Phuket slope soaring 2013

Our annual slope trip up to phuket thailand. Wind wasnt the best, the food and company made up for it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DLG nats 2013

Great fun in challenging conditions last weekend.

 Thanks Adnan for organising, Dennis for scoring + ice box with ice baked from oven , Vincent for calling + beer, Ray for the lunch , Sherwin for engaging us in "deep deep" conversations. See you guys for more fun times at the field.