Monday, October 02, 2006

Elogging on my trex

One of my flying kakis got a elogger for his heli, so i borrowed it to put it in my trex to test. I have always wanted to find out what's the amp draw like on my trex as its kinda hard to do it with the usual wattmetters. This device is great!Small and light enough to connect inline between the battery and ESC for flights, allowing me to log down the different flight specs.

For the test, i did a basic hover for awhile and a few punch ups to see what was the max amps drawn. From the graph , can see that my trex hovering amps is around 8.5 amps. The flightpower lipos are still holding their voltage well at slightly above 10.5v under load, dropping to 9.9v on punch ups. my max amps is 22.8amps at the peak of the punch for a max watt output of 225.2watts which is well within my motor and esc specs.I luv to see the different numbers as they allow me to gauge how the electronics and heli is performing, must be due to the engineering side of me. What i like most about is the software allows you to zoom in to which ever part of the graph you want and it will recalculate the different parameters base on what is selected. Pretty cool stuff. Highly recommended for those perfectionists out there who wants to fine tune their helis and planes


CKS said...

Im no where near perfectionist (maybe even opposite), but this is one time purchase that will stay with me for as long as it doesnt break .. so the Elogger worth its weight in gold (ok..maybe not..coz gold is too heavy for our craft to carry onboard)

Anyway, Thanks for helping me with the soldering :)

mazon said...

ahah yeah this tool is very useful, definitely worth it. will need to borrow it from you many times in future.

You are welcome, next time will pass you the "Soldering 101 for CKS" video after editing. kekeke