Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stinger details

kit comes very complete and many of the small details are already done at factory. Some more pics

tight and nice fit
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pushrod installed
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tow hook ready
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wing servo connector in front for easier wire routing
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beefy vtail spar
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ball link attached
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fuselage empty weight
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servo wires ready for soldering
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brass horn already installed
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double carbon wing weight
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thin wing profile, compared to cyril on top
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wing joiner
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Friday, March 01, 2013

VV model Stinger

At kenting f3f last year, we saw the performance of the stinger. it was fast,quality is good, and not too pricey. The hk and tw pilots gave very good feedback, so we did a MO.

After months of waiting, we finally got our hands on VV models Stinger. Made by master craftman , Vaclav Vojtisek, from Czech republic, its was his newest model after the successful ascot and dingo. Heard so much about his workmanship, it was a joy to finally have them in our hands. He lived up to his reputation, the fit and finish is just super.

unboxing at void deck
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fall in
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custom design
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hopefully the wind will last longer so that we have more stick time with it. Will take more pics tmr.