Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dark side is growing

I can feel the power of the dark side. At the last 2 days of flying at Segar, we were joined by a few nitro heli flyers. After seeing them fly , woooooo , their helis have so much power!. And because of their big size they were so much easier to be seen in the sky. Many a times when i flew my trex, i lost orientation cos it flew too far out and became too small. It was also affected by wind easily, when a big gust of wind comes, the trex will be blown around. The .50 size raptors at the field were so stable.They zip around the sky and performed 3D moves with ease. Autos, funnels, piros . The sound made by their engines and hugh blades as they slice the air sounded imtimidating yet exciting. Boy,they made the trex looked like a toy.

The power of the dark side is strong and growing, but i shall hold back for now, the season is coming, the sloping season. And im definitely looking forward to that.

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CKS said...

Power is nothing.. without good control!

but then of coz at least get something more powerful than