Monday, December 16, 2013

Energic Speedpulse

Started build on the Energic from speedpulse. It came late and missed last slope season , so getting it ready for this season. Its able to float in light wind and go fast when pushed. Its available in both glider and electric version. Kit quality by Jan Stonavsky is superb, fit and finish is one of the best out there.

Some build pics. 

Kit comes complete with all hardware
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textreme spread tow
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nice touch on the canopy
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drill a hole and epoxy the brass control horn
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Aileron horn n Clevis
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Clevis on Servo horn Flap side
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Epoxy in the servos tray
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Weight and wait
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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Settings I have now. Cg112 for zero to light wind. Move forward when windy. Neutral setting of elevator - front of elevator to top of tail boom abt 4.9cm.

Ailerons +20mm / -9. ailerons to flap 50%.

Elevator +-15

Rudder as much as you can.

Launch n Speed - Flaps +2mm ailerons flush.

Cruise - 0. I.e Bottom of flaps straight. Ailerons flush

Thermal 1 - Flaps -2mm ailerons flush.

Thermal 2 - Flaps -4mm ailerons flush.

Butterfly - flaps down ard 75-80degrees. Ailerons up 10-15degrees. Elevator down in my tx is ard -41%.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Phuket slope soaring 2013

Our annual slope trip up to phuket thailand. Wind wasnt the best, the food and company made up for it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DLG nats 2013

Great fun in challenging conditions last weekend.

 Thanks Adnan for organising, Dennis for scoring + ice box with ice baked from oven , Vincent for calling + beer, Ray for the lunch , Sherwin for engaging us in "deep deep" conversations. See you guys for more fun times at the field.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vladimir's Elf Dlg

The ELF is a 1-meter wingspan discus launch glider (DLG) from Vladimir's Model. High tech materials + superb workmanship makes it a very nice model to have.

The kit comes very ready with lots of details already done at factory, so just need to glue on the tails and installed the 2 servos and we can go flying!

Lets looks at what comes in the kit.
-almost completed fuselage
-Horizontal stab
-Vertial stab
-bag of misc hardware.

Wing in carbon and composite materials with iron on covering, very well made

Fuselage, pod glued, v-mount glued. push rods installed, push rod housing glued down

Hardware bag

 Lets get started

Follow the manual cut a slot in rudder for control horn (50mm from bottom).  Ensure its straight, Glue control horn with thin CA.

 Attached elevator push rod to V-mount. Cut a 16mm slot in horizontal stab from center , just behind carbon spar. Careful not to cut the spar. Put stab on to V-mount and align to boom , Glue with thin CA.


Attached rudder push rod and align vertical stab into the slot. Ensure its perpendicular to rudder and glue with CA. Use medium CA to fill in the gaps at the tail.

Elevator use stock control D47 horn, 2nd hole from center (6mm).

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Rudder use furthest hole (8mm) or if you like more throws change to longer arm.
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My tray layout. using 1s138mah, needs another 3g infront to balance at CG75mm. AUW is 95grams.
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Mine's red
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Rest of the build pics.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Stinger details

kit comes very complete and many of the small details are already done at factory. Some more pics

tight and nice fit
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pushrod installed
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tow hook ready
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wing servo connector in front for easier wire routing
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beefy vtail spar
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ball link attached
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fuselage empty weight
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servo wires ready for soldering
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brass horn already installed
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double carbon wing weight
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thin wing profile, compared to cyril on top
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wing joiner
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Friday, March 01, 2013

VV model Stinger

At kenting f3f last year, we saw the performance of the stinger. it was fast,quality is good, and not too pricey. The hk and tw pilots gave very good feedback, so we did a MO.

After months of waiting, we finally got our hands on VV models Stinger. Made by master craftman , Vaclav Vojtisek, from Czech republic, its was his newest model after the successful ascot and dingo. Heard so much about his workmanship, it was a joy to finally have them in our hands. He lived up to his reputation, the fit and finish is just super.

unboxing at void deck
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fall in
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custom design
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hopefully the wind will last longer so that we have more stick time with it. Will take more pics tmr.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Liga RC Pylon Race Seri I

A short write up to share our trip to Bandung last weekend.

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Liga RC Pylon Race Seri I - 22-24Feb 2013, Bandung, Indonesia

The Indonesian Aero sport Federation, Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) held the Liga RC Pylon Race Seri I in Bandung last weekend. It was held at a beautiful airfield in Kopo, Lanud Sulaeman surrounded by mountains. They invited nearby countries to join. In a year they will typically organised 3 of these kind of races in different provinces which serves as a warm up to the big national competition.


In this event, besides the nitro pylon race (Q500 class) there was also 3D Fixed Wing, Touch and GO, Electric Pylon Race . This is the first time Electric Pylon Race was introduced. We decided to go and take part for exposure, have some fun and make new friends.

The main category was the nitro pylon race, there were many pilots who came from all over Indonesia. Competition was keen and fierce, the noise from the engine and the bigger size of the planes made it exciting and spectacular for the spectators. For this category, pilots have to fly 10 laps around 2 poles 180m apart.

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Race vid

We took part in the electric Rc pylon race, since this was the first time they held electric race, they made it open class with no restrictions, and each race only 5 laps. We went with the Sunracer and E-wasp and were up against 3 Dago reds, 2 Funjets, and one Funjet clone. 2 pilots per heat and we completed 3 rounds.

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Flying in a competition is a totally different ball game from funflying at CD field. Hands shaking, adrenaline was pumping, it was hard to keep the planes in control. Many times , we overshot the pylons , especially the left pylon as we were not used to the pylon distance and the turns coming in towards us. We learnt after the first round, we had to go around the pylons and not just cross it, else it will be a cut. One cut added 10% of time, 2 Cuts or more is max 300sec. Vincent's first round had 3 cuts due to this.

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The 2nd round we did much better, with no cuts , still we overshot the pylons. Unfortunately, when I was coming in for a landing, the sunracer hit the left pylon pole, which left a huge dent in the wings and put it out of the last round. Ouch.

Sunracer hit pole
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In round 3, i used the back up E-wasp. Vincent put in a 4s lipo for his (previously all on 3s) as it was the last batt we had. On take off his E-wasp shot up fast into the air, it was looking good after the first turn when suddenly he felt no power. The ESC had cut. We realised we forgot to program the ESC for higher cut off, since now on 4s the amp draw would had been more.

Prepare for launch
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The electric pilots like their nitro counterparts, the best from their own provinces, were very skilled and could make tight turns around the plyons. Even though we had faster planes, we lost out in the turns, we learnt that speed is nothing without control, and to fly around a preset course is not easy, it requires lots of disipline and practice.

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The other 2 categories also attracted many participants. For the Touch and GO, pilots have 3mins to do as many touch and go as possible with a 5m rolling on ground counted as 1 touch. The electric planes had advantage here as they could make short turn-arounds. This event was won by a young boy with great skills. For the 3D Fixed Wing, pilots fly their planes to music and were judge by a panel.

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The event concluded with prize presentation on the last day. It was very well ran, the Indonesians were very passionate about aeromodelling its amazing they came from every part of Indonesia, some driving some 12 hours to this event. They had great support from their goverment, the province helpers. We were told in previous events, their Airforce even charted C130s to fetch some of them from the rural areas to the events.

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The Q500 nitro race is very popular and they asked us to take part in that category next time. Its also popular in Thailand and they have planned to make it into a big event next year at the Asian Beach games in Thailand 2014, and hoping for it to be included in the SEA games. Anyone keen can start practicing now.

We like to thank the host for their great hospitality, good fun, great experience.

More pics at

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jeti DC-16

Max with his new cool TX , Jeti DC-16. It comes in a very nicely machined package, with vario built-in + telemetry.