Sunday, June 03, 2007

Maintenance done

I had to replace the rusty crankshaft and bearings in the tt50.

Searched around and went to this bearing shop, Kian Ho Bearings, quite near Rotor hobby along jalan besar to get replacement bearings. The shop lady was friendly, i showed her the rusty bearings, she took some measurements with a vernier caliper and found the bearings i need in no time. Saved 10 bucks on each bearings than if i had bought them at Rotor!

See how shiny a new crankshaft is compared to the rusted one.

The engine was assembled in the reverse way it was taken apart. Run-in a few tanks to get things working smoothly again.

Changed the clunk lines and replace the fuel filter as well.

The exhaust gases discolored the clunk lines! and made them rubbery.

TT's fuel filter, came with a small plastic holder.

Took the opportunity to clean up the heli abit. The brush with long bristle is useful for sweeping away all the sand n dirt. Paper towers and alcohol to wipe clean the heli.

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