Thursday, May 31, 2007

Strip engine!

I proceed to strip the engine to access the damage.

First remove back plate.
Remove the engine from the mount, then use the crank shaft locking tool to remove the clutch, fan.

Remove the carburetor.

Remove the heat sink. There is a small notch on top of piston for realignment when assembling.

Next remove the cylinder sleeve. Mine is quite tight, so i heat it up in the oven n then push from behind with the back of toothbrush.

Now the slide the con rod out from the crankshaft and piston can be removed.

Slide out the crankshaft and we are left with the 2 bearings. Heat it in oven for 5mins. then hit the engine case against something hard. The rear bearing will drop out. Freshly baked TT50, kekeke try not to let your other half see this.

Same with front bearing, heat in oven then push it out from inside.

Place everything neatly so that its easy for reassembling
The crankshaft is badly rusted! The larger rear bearing rusty as well. Feels notchy when i turn it. Front bearing looks ok and the rest of the engine are fine. Time to get replacements.

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