Saturday, June 30, 2007

Resistance is futile

We have all succumbed to the dark side. Two of the kakis madiened their trex 600 Nitro today. Woot!.

The trex 600 N looks good with its aerodynamic canopy and CF frames feels sturdy enough. Its definitely much lighter. When i lifted it up, the trex600N with full tank feels lighter than my raptor without fuel! The wires can be nicely concealed and the battery tray allows the electronics to be mounted neatly.

There were some minor issues though. The starter coupling lost its grip on the starter shaft a few times, had to really tighten them. The tail pitch slider if pushed all the way to the tail case side can get locked. This happened in one of the machines and the tail went crazy. Luckily the damage was not much. Proper limits must be set on the gyro. The CF align tail blades are quite soft and hollow. It broke easily after clipping the grass lightly.

All in all its a good start. Time to have some oily fun.

Trex 600 Nitro pics
Zimmermann pipe -Superby finishing.
Metal head
CF fins
Metal tail
Torque tube
Setup 2
Rev max fitted nicely in the tray.
Last min checks
Running in engine
Locked tail -> crazy piro
Pilots and soon-to-be pilot.
Baby's raptorCKS' s raptor

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