Saturday, June 16, 2007

OEM repairs

After the autorotation crash that day, i went down to mockingbirdrc to get replacements and spares. Their oem raptor parts are cheaper than the original TT ones, some almost half the price. The quality feels similar and there is no difference in flight after the repairs.

For the cracked servo tray, i had used some epoxy to glue the crack and it held up well till today. The whole tray broke off and I lost rudder in flight! Was doing a stall turn when the heli refuse to turn when i give input. Managed to stabilise it while it was still pirouetting slowly, i cut throttle and autorotate to safety. Phew.

At first i thought my gyro was dead, when i went closer, i saw this! Broken servo tray. Another lesson, going to get a replacement later.

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