Friday, June 08, 2007

Autorotation boom strike

Crash report : 3rd Jun Sunday

Was practicing full auto-rotations when i misjudged and it came short. I started the approached high up from the left coming towards me, gave it abit of forward speed, flick the throttle hold and started the descend. It dropped fast but descended too far away as not enough forward speed.

I couldn't tell if the heli was tilting forward or backwards when it was near ground and tried to land. Arg! heli tip over and boom striked! It happened so fast, it wasn't in my mind that i could abort the auto.

Need more practice on the descend and learned my lesson : Keep the heli within view and always be ready to abort if need arises.

Bend boom

Double strike!

The damages : boom, support rod, flybar,blade, tail rod.

The force was great enough to force the blade grips over to the other side and made some scratches on the head.
Found out the rudder servo tray had a hairline crack as well!

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