Monday, June 11, 2007

Safe Flying Please!

Today afternoon, went down to Segar field for some heli practice. When i reached, there was already a group of fliers getting ready for flight. I popped over, said hi and do the necessary frequency checks . Its always more fun flying with more people.

A few electrics and one 60-sized nitro warbird. Hmm i thought to myself, is there enough space for the warbird to takeoff and land. So i asked the owner, who seems like a nice guy. He said no problem, just 10 meters is enough for it to take off. Well ok, i think he is quite experience so should not be a problem.

After a tank on my heli, i landed. Then the 60 size warbird was up next. The pilot that was going to fly the warbird was the owner's friend i think. Fair enough it only took 10meters to take off. But what was scary was the way it was flown. He was flying all over the place! The block of flats on the right was only around 300 meters away and he was flying very close over them.
Oh man, not just that , he was flying in front , behind, overhead, everywhere including over the expressway and also very near to the flats. Kao! Dangerously low at times. Being a warbird, it has to be flown fast and there were a few times he was doing high speed low pass diving at the pit area. Freak, if there was any glitch or mechanical failure that's the end. I m not sure about him, but i still want my life.

Towards the end of the flight, he mistimed a landing and had to pull up very last min else it would have overshot the runway and may land on the jogging track. Crap!

I mean fair enough he maybe a experienced pilot but shitz happens when we least expect it. Some things are just beyond our control. It does not mean that if one is experienced he can forget about safety! There is no compromise!

I wished he could keep in mind the safety considerations when flying. The field is not very big, at most can accommodate a 40-size trainer? Besides there are quite a handful of joggers and people around that area at times.

Our aircrafts have limits that need to be respected and this hobby is much better if we stay safe. Not only do we do this for ourself and our machines but also to keep members and spectators safe so we can all enjoy the hobby. There are not much fields left locally to fly anymore, and knowing people here like to complaint alot, the risk of sites being banned from flying will increase if fliers fly around recklessly. Lets not give others a reason to complaint.

So fly safe please!!!

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