Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hacker no warranty?

Last night tried to solder back the broken joint inside the hacker motor. Managed to arm the esc but when throttle applied, motor stutters. Cant work. So today i bought the motor down to jethobby where i bought it 2 months ago, and told moh about the problem. He dissembled the motor soldered the joint back and tested. Same results , cant work. So he told me could not repair and give me the "sorry i cant help you, please take it back" look. Then i pointed out to him in the manual that hacker provided, it says that there is a 24month warranty period. He went "oh , is it?" I was like wtf, he sells the motors and don't even know!!?!.

So I have my doubts when he said he will try to email them and see if can send back for repairs. Then i ask him if cannot how? He said cannot repair means cannot repair. WTF. No support for the things he sells? Like this how to support LHS? The products they carry are often more expensive then ordering overseas.The higher price will be justifiable if there is good service and after sales support. But now it seems there is little or none. If one can afford to wait, then its better to save some money and order overseas.

Anyone out there knows where i can send the hacker motor for repairs? please drop me a note. Thanks.


CKS said...

Maybe "Hacker" themselves should provide servicing to products w/o warranty just like wat Castle Creation is doing.

Even if we start boycotting LHS, how are we gonna get warranty coverage from oversea purchase? I dont remember any of them provide receipt for oversea order, also, those vendor may not be authorized "Hacker" dealer so their receipt may not be valid too.

mazon said...

The packaging of the motor is from HackerUSA, i emailed them and they say for repairs outside US to refer to main hacker germany. So far no reply from them.

My point is how can LHS sell things at a higher price than overseas and yet not provide any support? In that sense i may as well buy from overseas and save some money since both got no support anyway.