Saturday, September 30, 2006

Axi 2212/20 for mini extra

I was abit hesitant now to get another hacker motor to replace the failed one. Kp got a spare AXI 2212/20 laying around so i bought it from him and put it in my extra. The axi 2212/20 specs has a higher kv of 1150kv and lower amps limit of 16amps compared to the hacker A20-20L's 1022kv , 19amps limit. From what i read, Axi motors are often conservatively rated, meaning they can be pushed to higher amps limit without much problems.The build quality of AXIs seems to be abit better then hackers, made in czech compare to made in china.So far the performance of my current axi 2212/26 that i have in my formosa has been good. Also the mounting holes of the axi and hacker are similar so it fitted in the extra motor mount, Axi it is.

Hacker A20-20L with 1022kv is already drawing close to 20amps, the Axi has a higher KV making me to choose a APC 10x5E prop over the 10x4.7SF as the E prop consumes lesser amps. Tested today, the axi measured 17amps max static on the 10x5E. Just nice as the amps will be lower inflight. The performance in flight seems to be similar to the hacker, hovering point was around 3/4 throttle stick as well. Will do more flight test later.

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RandomTask said...

Good to hear that the AXI motor will be powering your Extra. I think it will definitely give you less headaches or none throughout your use of it.