Saturday, September 23, 2006

Funfly 23 Sept 06

This morning we had our usual funfly at bedok reservoir flying field. Highlight of the day was definitely the edf F18. KP's newly acquired F18 looks stunning on the ground, waiting for her madien flight. Cant do it today as he wants to remove the steering gear for her first flight and no tools to do. Pending tmr.

Also have a delta flying wing with wheels for ROG!! Kormet ME 163 fitted with LG took off nicely from the ground after a few attempts.And Kelvin's Funjet did a successful madien as well, drawing 37amps on multiplex 480-4D BL with Graupner 5.5x4.2 prop. I was trying do hover my extra, boy it was hard. Refitted my trex with a pair of blades n got them tracking. Tached headspeed at 2400 with throttle at 80%. The rest of the guys enjoyed the funfly as well as the weather was not so hot today. Great to see them after 2 weeks break...

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