Sunday, September 24, 2006

F-18 madien ................. gone bad

We got all excited and psych up for KP's F18 madien."Do it". After a few range checks, it was good to go. First toss, i didnt throw it hard enough it went into a torque roll, inverted then headed towards the ground. Nothing much damaged except the nose was bashed in. Pulled out the nose, decided to go for a 2nd throw.

That was it, the fateful flght. I ran for a few steps n gave it a hard toss, off it went. It picked up speed and was starting to fly well. The sound of the edf was great, almost like the real thing. Kp managed a few more turns on the F18 before suddenly losing orientation. With the sun behind us, the plane looked dark from all angles, cant tell which way its going. Before we know , it smashed into the ground.

Pics will show the canage. Feel really bad, and wasted to see the plane gone like that. But i m sure it was an experience for Kp for that few mins of flight, as we pick up the pieces, he already have plans for the next edf project. I m sure he will be back.

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