Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hacker A20 down

Today was flying my extra, halfway motor cut! kao. nearly lost it again. managed to glide down to saftey. Found out that the one of the 3 motor wires broke at the soldering joint inside the motor. Dam sian. Just when i thought everything is ok , can fly in peace, seems like something will always cock up some where when u least expect it.

Only consolation was a good flight i had on my heli, managed some better controlled FF and came back in one piece with hands shaking.... The fear of crashing had cause me to hesitate in doing FF, most of the past few times, i didnt dare to fly high and turn. Today i just wack, keep reminding myself that i have the tx in my hand, i have control of the heli so no need to fear. Remember guys, you have total control.

The thing about heli turning seems to be similar to plane, at least this was what i did n it flew smoother. To start the turn, i input rudder and aileron to bank. As the heli turn, i continue to hold rudder, while the aileron slowly move to neutral n to the opposite direction of turn so that the heli dont over bank. At the same time, pull back on the elevator. Can any experts share if this is the right way? For plane turning same thing, bank with rudder, ailerons. Then input opposite ailerons to hold the banking angle to turn smoothly and prevent adverse yaw. Most of the time when i fly plane im lazy, i only use ailerons to turn, now i have to learn to use lots of rudder.

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CKS said...

Yep, thats rite, need rudder input for fast turning .. but for scale flying u'll need to make bigger turn with more aileron and less rudder