Sunday, April 08, 2007


With so many servos, plus the gyro and bec, the wiring can be quite a mess. The wirings should be kept neatly to prevent interference and for easy serviceability. I planned to keep it simple and spent quite abit of time arranging the wires.

Zip ties are great for bundling the wires together but the edges are quite sharp and with so much vibrations on the heli, they may cut into the wires. A simple solution is to use some fuel tubing as cushion.
Tidy up the gyro wires and zip tie them to the hole at the back of the frame.
The wires from those servos in the servo frame are bundle together and 2 small holes are made in the back of the servo frame to fastened them down. Some of the wires were too long so loop them around the gaps at the back of the servo frame. The BEC is installed in the empty servo space in the frame. The gyro wire and bec wire were bundled together.
Lastly the antenna is routed out of the receiver strong box through fuel tubing into the antenna tube at the bottom of the skid. The end of the tube is zip tied to the alum support rod.
Finished up the canopy and its good to go.

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