Friday, April 06, 2007

Extra time?

Something unheard of, something i think never happened before. Winds is blowing from NE again after 1 month and we are sloping in April. Weird. Seasons normally end by march. This year it ended in early march, and so we thought. Strangely enough, the winds picked up again this week and it was almost peak conditions winds , hitting 13knots yesterday. Crazy weather.

Went down today, winds was quite consistent although fairly light. The usual suspects were there lol. Great to see them again, flew abit, chit chat abit more, most of them were pleasantly surprised by the winds, some managed to madien their gliders that were meant for next season. Be it due to global warming, wind god taking pity for the short season, no one is complaining about the extra slope time. Its a bonus, take it and fly...

Usual suspects
The guy with the biggest planes was flying the smallest and he flew it thermal scale style. lol.
Look where the bug ended up

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