Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Recently, around past one year or so, the RC scene in SG seems to have pick up abit. More people are getting interested and taking up this hobby despite the lack of open spaces in land scarce SG.

The availability of cheaper RC products especially those made in China has lowered the cost of entry into this hobby and the convenience of electric flight have certainly paved the way for many to fulfill their childhood dream of flying a radio control aircraft. Quite a few enterprising hobbyist have set up shops to cater to this increased demand.

Today visited a newly open LHS during lunch. Located at beauty world plaza, the shop seems like a one man show,being a subsidiary of Taiwanese hobby distributor The parent company is one of the sponser for 3DX to be held here later this year in Oct. Owner is quite a nice chap, offered us drinks while we chat abit. He said they set up a small store here to test local market first.

He stocks mostly heli stuff catering to the nitro crowd at the moment.He brought in brands like Model Avionics, NHP, Quick UK, Zimmermann which were locally not available previously. The prices of most of the accessories under the RCT brand are cheaper than rotor's excellence. The items were neatly displayed on shelves.

Some good deals like a pair of oem wood blades for trex going for only 10 bucks, the prolux manual fuel hand pump is half price of rotor's. Arghh, I could have save quite abit buying the nitro accessories from here.
Here's what i bought today. Tail support bridge for the titan and Triflow , oil with teflon for lubrication of the main shaft and tail shaft after flights.

With so many RC suppliers now in the local market carrying a wide variety of stuff, the prices have become fairly competitive. There were already a few price wars, the winners will be us hobbyists. Well, i definitely will be visiting there again, its only 10mins from my place. Ho ho ho. Now if only they stock up Coolpower fuel, it will be prefect...

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