Sunday, April 15, 2007

BR field , TBP weekend

Went back to the east during the weekend for some funflys. Had a fun time chatting with the BR gang whom i haven flown with for awhile. Seems like the planes there have been all UPSIZED like mac's evm. LOL. They all flying much bigger planes now compared to last time, made my filton extra looked really tiny. ahaha.

Sunday evening met up with some flyers at tampines bike park to fly heli. Mostly raptors and an evo. Got to see some nice 3D action close up from one of the young talented flyers. He executed his moves very low to the ground, tats 3D. Good to fly with people flying similar machines, get to learn alot from them.

Br gang
New AM
DIY plane with a cute pilotExtra KE
Kel with his huge ass motor and huge ass plane.
WY hovering

Yellow seems like a favourite colour
Root bear anyone?Need to get one of these

Really smokey with so many helis flying at the same time, some more they use 20% n 30% nitro!Pitch screw servo came loose, lucky he managed to land

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