Thursday, April 12, 2007

Madien flight

After 3 weeks of assembling and setting up, finally madien the raptor titan last weekend with help from CKS. Thanks!. Change the lipo to a bigger one, 3s1800mah to get the correct C.G.
I started at 3.5 turns out on the high speed needle and 3 turns on the low. We could not get the engine to start and i was getting anxious. Slowly trimmed open the throttle to around 30% and lean the low speed needle 1/4 turn before it got started. Quite a bit of fuel was splitting out from the exhaust at idle indicating a rich setting. The new engine needs the piston and ring to seal properly so the extra lubricant would help wash away any debris.
I let the engine idle for awhile before proceeding to hover the heli slightly above ground. After awhile i realized i forgot to remove the glow starter. Didnt know as the canopy wasn't on. lol. Landed the heli and removed the starter. Wah it was hot, n prob burnt out the battery indicator on the glow starter.

Went on to hover the heli for 30seconds then idle again for 30seconds, repeating the cycle for the first tank. The sound of the nitro engine was intimidating and smoke was plentiful, made me almost forget that im in control. As the heli idle, i touch the back plate to test the temperature. It was cool to touch.
The first tank of fuel finished fairly fast. I let the engine cool down before refueling. Ah as i refuel, i forgot to clip the fuel line to carburetor and fuel started leaking out of the engine. First time on nitro, dont know the SOPs yet. Quickly stopped, clipped the line and resume refueling.

I proceed to crank start the heli but it wouldnt start. At first i thought was engine flooded due to the refueling. Later found out the fan has dislodged from the engine and got stuck at the clutch bell. Dam no more flying for that day. Had to borrow a crank locking tool to tightly secure the fan down.
Went back to run in the engine the next day. Repeat the hovering and idling cycle for the next 4 tanks , gradually prolonging the hovering period. Next 4 tanks started to do abit of flying around. Slowly getting use to the size and noise. So far it feels more stable and far more easier to orientate. Finished nearly a gallon now. Fun!

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