Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Scale is sexy!

Finally found some time to start working on my gliders. Lets see, i shall start with the discus, then the banana, if season permits, will go on to the salto, else keep it for next season. The planes came with real limited instructions. 1 tiny piece of paper for each plane! As they say, if you need instructions, you are not ready for this kind of planes. I've been reading alot of building threads on RCGroups to get ideas and just got myself the F3 building clinic DVD. Watched a few chapters of it last night, i must say its quite good for first time mouldies owners. Learnt a few tricks n tips.

On to the discus 2b, took out some servos to trial fit in the wings. The wings are really thin! Had to squeeze the HS65 in, and a little part of the servo still bulge out. Will try to scrap the servo casing abit and use servo covers to cover it up, hopefully it will turn out well. I couldn't resist putting the discus together for a trail fit. Wow, scale is some sexy stuff. Looks really really good. The planes come with really little hardware like control horns n stuff. The discus only comes with the T-tail screw. Now have to visit LHS to get the stuff to start building. I cant wait.

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