Thursday, December 14, 2006

Discus build

Its been awhile, quite a few interesting events took place. We almost lost our only place to slope in SG. The authority was threatening to ban R/C flying on our one and only slope in Singapore, where local slopers have been flying for the more than a decade. Luckily and thankfully, the representatives from the governing body has called upon a meeting and demonstration on site, which at least gave us a chance to save it. See threads here and here. The winds came on and off, the season is not really here yet but can feel its almost here. The die hards slopers like me were there on weekends to test the winds and we managed to get small pockets of air time.

Back to the discus, me going slow on the build. Wet Sanded the edges of the joining surfaces to get nice smooth airflow. As can be seen, the wing is really thing. I m sure it can penetrate the winds well. Expoxied CF strips to strengthened the fuselage as it feels quite thin. Cut the mounting lugs off the HS65 and sanded the surfaces. Had to dremel off some of the material in the wings to get the servo to fit in against the spar. Still have to get some more hardware for the plane and awaiting my tx. Shld be fast once the hardware are ready. Hope i can madien it this Christmas day.

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