Saturday, November 18, 2006

BR funfly and slope 18 Nov 06

Was at the BR funfly today, a few of the guys were practicing their pylon racers for next week's competition at the BBAFC jamboree. Joe's scratch built Skat2 flew as fast if not faster than some of the other moulded pylons. I m really amazed at his building skills, he can build any plane he wish to fly. man that saves alot of money! check out the pics of his 2m duo discus as well, superb finishing. Eraptor flew very stable n well. Big is better! Some nice moves from Ammo's EP8. He did a real low invert hover n touch the ground. nice.

Went to the slope in the afternoon. The winds was good , but the direction abit off, coming from the sides and not hitting the slope perpendicularly enough to create good lift. The winds shifted on and off and i managed to have my first real slope flight this season. The weasel did good, elster was better, managed some 10-15mins flight reaching fairly high attitude. Today's winds was just a teaser, need to wait 2 to 3 weeks more then the real fun begins.

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