Friday, November 10, 2006

Gliders on the way

Its almost some kind of unsaid rule that slopers start the slope season every year with a new plane, of course unless you have so many gliders already that you just have to recycle them. My wish is to fly a big plane this year >1.5m as big planes look so majestic in the air. Being the perfectionist, i m drawn as well to the crisp handling of a high performance moudie, those F3F type planes.

Been doing research for the past few weeks, i have must visited most of the websites in US and europe that sells gliders to check out the planes and the prices. A good list can be found here. Anyone looking for one can ask me where to get the best price. LOL. I even made a excel sheet to compare their prices and narrow down.

After i watch the videos at thommys here, i m sold on the discus 2b. A few PMs to some of the flyers on rcgroups who owned the ship confirmed that its a good all rounder, flies well even in light lift and slermal conditions. So i looked around for the best prices on the net, i found that shipping from US was way much higher than from europe. However websites from europe are often in foreign langauges. Google translator was my best friend. Emails were sent to different webshops requesting for prices/shipping cost. Only a few replied back, i guess not all understood english.
In the end i ordered from . Their reply was fairly fast and they seem reliable. A few other gliders caught my eyes and i was thinking if i order them together i will save on shipping. Dam I shld not have think LOL cos i ended up ordering 3, discus 2b, salto and banana. Some really nice videos of the banana from here.
Felt abit guilty afterwards, but what the hack, money already transferred, maybe i build one per year, that way i have new planes for the next 3 seasons. I hope they arrive safely. Now i just need a evo 9 to compliment them...

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