Thursday, November 23, 2006

JR or Mulitplex???

Problem : I have 3x CC bergs 4 channel RXs and want to use them on my gliders that have dual ailerons servos. I need them to be on separate channels so that i can use them as spoilers as well. My futaba 9CHP only allows Right aileron on channel 1 and Left aileron on channel 5/6/7.

I played around with the mixes on the 9C to try to get it to work with 4channel rx. Since channel 3 for throttle is not used for the slope gliders, i need to some how mix the Left aileron channel to the throttle channel. First i set up a program mix to cancel out any throttle inputs, set master as Thro, set slave as Thro as well. Set both up and down rates as -100%. This way the throttle channel cancels out itself no matter which way the throttle stick is at. Tested at the SERVO mode to see the effects, works. Then i set another mix, aileron to throttle, to try get Left aileron channel to be replicated in Channel 3. Set up the correct direction of the rates, ok works. Left aileron servo movement is now replicated in channel 3. Set up dual rates for aileron , works in the replication. I need differentials in the wings, after playing around, i m able to get differentials by setting the rates in the the aileron to throttle mix.

I need spoilers. Tried all sorts of ways, links on, links off,flaps to throttle mix....etc. Dam cant get it to work. Spoilers when activated cause both ailerons to go up. Cant seem to able to mix the spoiler for Left aileron to Channel 3. It seems that the airbrake function is activated after the mixing thats why. I cant risk flying without the spoilers as sometimes the winds can get so strong that landings with out them is very hard. Also i wanted the flaps function as well to change the wings' camber for different needs. Cant do that as well. So i need a new transmitter. LOL.

Did some research, narrowed down to the multiplex evo 9 and the JR 9x2. Multiplex evo allows flexible assignment of channels and the JR 9x2 uses channel 1 and 2 for dual ailerons for sailplane mode. The ergomatics of evo is really good, the tx feels so right in your hands. I m almost about to go for the evo when i found 2 short comings, 1- only one expo rate per model. 2- 1sec transition time between flight phase.

Both radios are really good for sailplanes, but im flying acro planes and helis as well, where i feel multiple expo rates are very important. For those 3D stuff, you need max throws and lots of expo so that the area near the neutrals are not so sensitive, for precision flying will need lesser expo so that it wont feel numb around the neutrals. Hence im leaning towards JR. Now the problem is i cant use my the other 2 -ve shift electron 6s RXs if i switch to JR. Dam which means spending more money. Why cant they all use the same protocols?!!

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