Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY slope pics

Some pics from weekend's slope. Its the CNY holidays and the winds normally reach peak during this period. Well, the wind is definitely blowing but the direction is slightly off. The lift came on and off but nevertheless it was the company that made it fun! Hope there are more good weekends ahead.

Had to put down both back seats to transport the planes to slope

All want to molest the new toy for the day. Ammo's Zoom!

With a 3.2m wingspan and a fuselage almost as tall as WY

Setting up Zoom

Ready for launch. It flew beautifully with good energy retention. Luv the sound it makes as it cuts the air.

Pilots having fun.

Getting ready for launch

Art hobby Sierra with Windrider bee.

Le fish ready to jump into the waters.

Fox and bat

Dg1000 coming in for landing

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CKS said...

Thanks for helping with landing my ezglider safely even when the elevator control was lost.