Friday, August 01, 2008

Hong Kong Trip Goodies

Came back from a short holiday in Hong Kong with boxes of RC goodies. Ho Ho Ho. Detailed trip report including shops visited, route taken, recommendations in next post. Now here's the stuff.

3 boxes. All marked Fragile and checked-in. Boxes came out slightly crumpled but all in all was ok. Thumbs up for HK n SG airport.

Trex600 Nitro Super Pro. Yes its the 2nd trex i bought, sold the first one that i got in TW few months ago. The price of this one is simply irresistible, i had to get it. lol.

Some spares.

Servos aplenty. Got one of the newest Futaba brushless servos intended for heli application - BLS 253. Very similar to BLS451, Full specs here

More A123s

Hyperion Yak 55sp-25e. Was on sale this one. I think it still is at aircraft-world. Hmm, yellow black seems to be the in colours.

The new bee from windrider - BeEvolution. All ready for next slope season.


Peter said...

Wow, it seems like all of them are expensive. Having visited Hong Kong a number of times but still can’t buy things there in cheap prices. Stupid me….

Monica said...

So many products you have bought there. By the way, are all of them expensive? It means that you have trip in Hong Kong only for buying these products, don't you?