Sunday, February 17, 2008

How many gliders can you count?

Sunday at the slope.

From another view.

Let's count :

Unknown balsa, alula, blade, crazy banana, serenity, mini salto, 2m spyder, 36" raptor, jazz extreme, cularis, 4m china ASW, baudis salto, le fish, CMpro discus, left over of Ehawk 1400, weasel, mini fox, ASK 21, sierra, ASW 27, mystery 2.6m.

Thats 20.5. There's still at least another 5 at the other pavilion and another 5 or 6 in the air. More than 30 of them woo hoo what a huge turnout. Weather was great, sunny and cloudless, thermals aplenty and good periods of lift came on and off. Beside the few not-too-serious mid airs, everyone had fun.

Some pics taken by this cheeky little girl

"You move there, you you move there, ok dont move ah"

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