Saturday, November 01, 2008

RC great deals

I frequently come across great deals on the web and other places, so started another blog to consolidate those findings.

With the financial crisis hitting us, i hope with those good deals ,we can still enjoy the hobby and be easier on our pockets.

Feel free to share your finds too.

Blog is at


Alan said...

Seems strange that the batteries and most motors are designed and manufactured in this country yet prices jacked up inside the country yet stripped to a little above cost for export market. Like the drug companies do in the US. Thanks to all of you China folks for paying that R and D cost as we also do in the Pharmeds industries. What bull. They rip thier own country men while low balling forign markets. They will kill all US manufacturing then jack prices out the roof. as many times before.

Alan said...

Prices high huhh? Even in a country that manufactors the goods. We invented it. Cobra marketing.
They High price their own countrymen while low balling forign markets in order to kill large compeditors( HobbyZone) once competition is out of the way watch the prices blow through the roof and past current high U S pricing. It would be ironic to see the US beat at its own game of capitalism. Even moreso,the current wisdom claims they have moved to Capital ways in order to survive only. They are still at heart, at least goverment wise, The Red Chinnese Goverment of cold war days. Or not?