Monday, October 22, 2007

Too slow too low

Crash number 3 => Too long didn't fly, first flight of the day trying new moves , too slow, too low a roll.

Didnt get to fly for a few days and felt out of touch. It was my first flight of the day and was still feeling abit sleepy. Was fairly comfortable going fast forward flight high up and rolling already before this. Normally the first tank is for warm up but no idea why, nearing the end of the first tank, i just felt like going lower, slower and rolling.

First slow pass from right to left the roll was clumsy, 2nd try left to right around 4m high, roll.... the heli just dropped in attitude so fast before i could react and think oh shit, it had already been sallowed by the ground. Could hear the canopy shield crack into pieces. Ouch. Pain.

Prob hit the ground inverted as the canopy shield cracked and boom bent downwards. Besides the usual, boom, flybar, spindle, blades, the shield and landing skid needed to be replaced too. Belt had a few teeth stripped,found out later that main gear had 1 teeth broken too. Arg have to change! On fast forward flight, i usually give non or only a slight + collective punch before the roll to maintain attitude. I think i had too slow forward speed and didn't punch collective on that roll, the heli just drop like a rock. Dumb and expensive error. New moves should be tried out at least 3 mistakes high.

Got it up ASAP, with new canopy shield and align blades. Low, Slow n Roll is no go, yet...

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