Sunday, October 14, 2007

3DX Singapore

3DX SG was held at BBAFC over the weekend. It saw pilots from around the region coming down to compete. Caught some 3D action live from the field. The Thais dominated the action with some superb flying, great efforts too by the local pilots.

Kudos to the organisers for bringing the event here. The cometition has inspired many ,yet at the same time i realised there is still so much more to learn, felt like a noob again. Well thats what make RC heli so challenging and addictive, always pushing ourselves to achieve the next level.

More pics here and here.

Spectators and officials
Competitors table
Team Malaysia with their Compass Knights.
Thai team

Ron Sebastian from germany was one of the judge.
Ron Sebastian did a 3D master class demo
Markus Fiehn - another judge
Markus's demo machine - Trex 600 with modified frames + 10s
Bling Bling machines
Kasama upgrades for Stratus, and RJX Extreme

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