Monday, November 12, 2007

Discus repaired, rainy days begun

With the rainy season approaching, i finally got down and repaired the discus. The tail took most of the damage during that fateful collision. It was patched up with the usual FG cloth and epoxy.

Was left with some visible areas where it was patched up as i couldnt find matching colours to spray. Oh well it will serve as a good reminder to take extra precaution when landing. One more month to go... better start on the others soon...

Added a layer of FG cloth in the front for reinforcementPatched up tail
New horizontal stab. Part of the vertical fin that was patched up.
New canopy and good to go.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pang, Joe here. Just go and fly it and when you have decided to give it a break anytime, while flying another glider, give it a good buffing and respray paint it. It'll look as good as new like my Duo Discus.

mazon said...

Yo joe good to see you popping by. yeah im just going to fly it for now. I tried spraying it with normal Nippon spray but just couldnt get the matching colour. Had to rub all alway with thinner. i don't have e equipment n expertise to spray it yet.

See you at the slope!