Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shifting winds

I could feel the direction of the winds starting to change while flying today. Had to compensate for it coming from the left instead of the usual right. The winds are starting to blow from the north. Woohoo! which means the slope season is near. It will be just awhile more before it correctly aligns in the north east direction.

Wind direction starting to changeTime to take out those gliders from their storage and wipe the dust off, recycle those batteries and do the repairs and touch up. I still got the Discus to repair and two new kit to build up. Been focusing much on helis and sitting on them for too long. Ahaha.

I hope to start on them soon.


Baudis Salto

I m very sure the rest of the die hard slopers like me, are waiting eagerly in anticipation with their gliders too.

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