Sunday, March 25, 2007

Main frame assembly

Build started! It was fairly straight forward and manual has large clear pictures to follow. The assembly guide from is also very useful. There are quite alot of resources out there so i will just add some of the useful tips i found.

Edited : Found another good titan review at rcuniverse here.

Kit is build stock with a few upgrades, swapped out the plastic white frame spacers for Aluminum ones (PV0104) for reinforcement, changed to the new 8.73 ratio main gear (11Tpinion , 96T main) , replaced stock clunk tubing which are known to fail after few flights with thicker ones.
A good set of tools will make the assembly easier. Some of the tools used. The denatured alcohol is used to remove any grease n oil from the screws before applying loctite.The fuel tank nipple is quite tight and hard to remove just by pulling. One easy way to remove it is to use a small screw driver and slide it under the notch and slowly lift it out. Less risk of breaking.One of the harder steps was putting the snap ring onto the one way clutch shaft. A snap ring plier would make this easier but i didnt have any around. Looked around and found the ball link plier could be use to get the job done. Slide the tips of the plier into the 2 small holes and pull open. Took a few tries to get it right.
The parts fitted together well, but there is some slop at the elevator push-pull lever, due to design. The collar which prevents over tightening is a bit longer that the lever so there is some movement. Some added a bit of CA to the collar , i just left it as it is.Before fitting in the TT50 Engine, i did the needle mod which is explained here and here. The TT50's idle needle does not taper down at the end and can cause mid range leaning issues. The needle was chucked into a drill and the tip sanded down.Fan and clutch installed on engine.
Some epoxy to seal the exhaust nipple.
After 3 nights, its starting to look like a heli.

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