Thursday, March 15, 2007


Electronic setup : With specs of speed: .14 sec/60 degrees and Torque: 91.6 oz/in (6.6 kg-cm) the futaba 9252s are chosen for the cyclics as they had good reviews in various forums for their reliability and precise centering. A higher torque but slightly slower 9255 will be use for the collective pitch servo to handle the blades' load. The titan's swash plate is the conventional mechanical mixing using individual servos for each control axis so they don't have to be similar type.

Will be using a 9252 as well for throttle. Ideally the throttle servo should be faster than the collective to reduce bogging on the engine as you want power to increase before the blades load up. Searched the net and found one taiwan website selling them for quite a reasonable price.
The items where ordered from The response time of the sales guy was quite fast, few emails and 4 days later the stuff arrived. This website carries a large variety of rc brands and prices are way cheaper than LHS. For small items shipping is not very expensive as well. Highly recommended if you are looking for futaba, jr, or any tw brands.

With my current skill level, i won't need the gy611 any time soon. Will be using gy401 combo which i got earlier here. The electronics will be powered by a switching BEC so that i can reuse my 3s1p 1200mah lipos. The hyperion TICOOL bec has a switchable 5/6v, 4amps sustained, 5amps burst output and can take up to 10S lipo. With a full digital setup on a 3D flight, the estimated amps drawn is 3amps average with burst up to 4-5amps. A flight will used up around 300mah so each of these lipos should last 2-3tanks. Although more efficient than linear regulators, the draw back of these switch type regulators has been radio noise that the switching can create. The hyperion TICOOL suppose to come with this Noise Elimination Technology, not sure how reliable yet as not much reviews online. It comes with a ferret ring as an additional insurance. Without load, the output was measured to be 5.2v with the 5v jumper, 6.2v with the 6v jumper. With load, it should hold at 5 and 6v respectively. Will update in due course.

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