Friday, March 23, 2007

Bling Bling

Had enough of slop in the stock Trex head, and its safer to put in a metal head on the raptor as there were cases of the plastic head exploding on high rpm flights.

After reading so much good reviews on runryder about the kasama head, i couldn't resist and ordered from Kasama is actually made in Thailand so the delivery was quite fast, got the package 3 days after i paypal them. The sales guy, Johan was a nice guy to deal with and he even gave me a discount as i ordered the head, fan and tail combo.
The blings came individually packed in small sealed bags. The quality of the workmanship was good. But alas ,was disappointed when i opened up the packages. Some of the bearings showed signs of brownish rust. I took a pic and emailed Johan about it.
He offered to send me replacements the next day via EMS, while i could send back the parts with rusty bearings at my own time. Cool , now that's customer service. Great guy to deal with. Got the replacements, no rust,I'm happy. Here's how the complete head will look like. Now back to my build...

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