Saturday, March 03, 2007

Decapitated trex

I was moving on to learning loops on the Trex recently after getting a hang of nose-in and stall turns. This morning during one of the tries, the rudder went haywire on top of the loop.I couldn't maintain control.By the time i saw the orientation of the heli, it was coming down fast from about 2 storey high towards the pit inverted!

Holy crap, i pull full negative collective hoping to lift it back up before i flip it back over. The rudder managed to hold ,but it was too low and not enough power to get it back up. I saw it inverted low pass right in front of me before smacking into the ground. The main rotor head snapped off, and surprisingly, the other only damages were the broken blades,bent flybar and main shaft. The main gear is still the same one since day one!
AAR - I think it was because the rudder cant hold the tail when the pitch changes too fast. When i do pitch pumps on idle up, there were times, it simply pirorettes awhile before getting back the tail. Lesson learnt.

The plastic head has quite abit of slop, and will need to upgrade to metal head and a better tail servo like 9650 if i m going to continue progressing with the trex. The metal blings are not cheap and it doesn't seem worth it for a small size heli. Been doing research on the titan for awhile now. Think its about time...

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