Monday, January 22, 2007

Turn it on

Season is on. After 3 weeks of cloudy skies, its finally show time for Mr. Sunny and Miss Windy. What a splendid day at the slope, the winds were blasting right on perpendicular to the slope. I could only make it there later, heard from some of the slopers the winds were even better in the early afternoon. The guys were dying to satisfy their sloping urges and brought with them all the planes they could.
Besides the usual easy gliders, flying wings, there were quite a few scale gliders, DG1000s, my Discus 2b, one 4mish one,as well as exotic ones - spyder 2m, 3mish thermal one, also a few of joe-made micro bugs were buzzing around . The lift was awesome . The planes simply ballooned up into the sky with minimal effort. I had 2 good half hour flights on the discus , had removed quite abit of weight, its still abit nose heavy. In between was trying stuns with the elster diving from high up n doing rolls,half -cubans, U-stalls. I could see everyone was having a great time. Some mishaps though, my hammer was needed to rescue a spektrumised wing stuck fairly up in the trees, while 2 gliders were lost in the Bermuda jungles behind,cant be found. Oh well, im sure they will be back next week with new planes! The winds is worth the long wait.

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